We can have the pure righteous life God designed for us, if we are willing to trust God with our lives and follow Him.  We have tried trusting what the world said was right and have so often found the world just deceived us.  What is true, what is pure, what is righteous, is only found in God.  The pure righteous life we seek, is found living in a completely different kingdom based on the word of God, the Bible.

People communicate with words.  Those words convey their thoughts, truth, love, anger, and intents.  The same is true for the Word of God.  It is God's communication to all of mankind so man can grasp God's view of reality and life.  As such it is an extremely precise and condensed document.  Any percieved hiccups in its translation can usually be cleared up with deeper study, time and honesty.  It is only by understanding it from God's perspective that it makes sense.  It appears as foolishness and nonsense when examined from our natural self centered perspective.

God's perspective is so different than that of our natural man.  It would be silly to expect otherwise.  So if our judgement of the scriptures is based upon our natural man centered perspective, then it will be hard to understand.  It is by us putting aside our own perspective and honestly examaining the scriptures from God's perspective that we come to realize that we can understand God's word.  When we make God's perspective our own, it gives us a pure, righteous, and sustaining life.  Far different than the polished existence that we had previously considered as real life.   The Bible goes into great detail on how to have this new life.  Rather than a shopping list of instructions God makes His perfect plan as something that has to be studied out.  This catches those who play religion or games with His Word.  But for those who come to trust it as their life's foundation, they become a new creation and live in a close personal relationship with the creator of the universe.  This is contrary to how the unbeliever thinks, whether educated or not.   Yet time proves out what a self focused heart will not acknowledge.  That the pure righteous life that is in Christ is beyond comparison to a polished empty worldly existence.  God designed this new life to be available to every person who will make the choice to receive and follow it by faith.   

Looking around us in today's world reveals that most people live contrary to the pure, righteous life, God designed for all people to have.   We are daily oppressed with lies, greed, lust, hate, theft and manipulation.   Honesty, truth and pure love are rare. 

We were all born with a man centered perspective.  Its focus is on what I think, what I want, and what I feel as the king of our life.  Living this way we push aside truth and honesty to get ahead and to protect ourselves.  We justify ourselves and believe our justifications.   We are the center of our world.  When others do the same type of things to us, we call them corrupt.  When we do it, somehow it is justified.

God's plan is to make us a brand new creation.  He does this when we make the decision to have our hearts centered upon the living will of God, which is Jesus Christ.   He does this by .  .  .




Finding God's Will

Are you searching for God's will?   The scriptures say in Proverbs Chapter 8, Verse 17:

"I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me."

God wants us to have His pure righteous life, and He wants us to have it more abundantely.  In order to do so, we need to learn how to find His will.  Often when seeking Godly counsel, we hear instructions like this:  You should first pray about it, believing in Jesus and if something doesn't line up with the scriptures, then it is not the will of God.   While that information is true, it is most often just an escape for the one saying it.  It is often stated because the counselor doesn't have enough depth of understanding to bring the person any closer to understanding the will of God for their specific situation.  

So how then do we find God's will?    Most people  .  .  .




From the web - Author Dr. David Gibbs Jr. - Used with Permission (2012).
Dr. Gibbs is a Baptist Lawyer with the Christian Law Association.
4BibleStudy.com is non-denominational and not part of, or affiliated with any denomination or  movement. 
The truth in this article is applicable to all faiths, regardless of denomination,
and it will help a person to understand if their faith is real, or just religion.


The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . . ."


The United States of America Supreme Court said a very particular thing about our beliefs. Therefore, your testimony in the courtroom and to others becomes quite critical. The Court said a man can't hold those beliefs if he can't describe them. A belief is not a hunch or feeling and it is not "it seems to me."

"The Court asks well, why do you believe that?  Show me proof of your beliefs in the Bible."  Most people will say "I don't even know if it is in the Bible but it sorta seems to me ..." and the Court says that the problem with "well it seems to me" is that feelings change rapidly and as a consequence they are not going to honor hunches, feelings or "it seems to me."   You must be able to take your beliefs from the Bible and make them oral.

The second thing the Court said that you must be able to have a knowledge of those beliefs. This becomes important because we like to hide behind
  .  .  .





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