A healthy marriage between one man and one woman provides the best foundation for strong lives, strong families, communities, cities, states, and countries.  If marriages suffer, all of society suffers.

Yet, why are there so many marriages in a mess? 

God made people to live and work in all types of relationships.  God made men and women for marriage and made them to have a lifetime relationship together.  All this is self evident.  The quality of any relationship is dependent on which influences, desires, and beliefs a person follows when they respond to each other.  You have the choice of how you are going respond to an.  God has plenty to say about all three.  God desires everyone to learn and believe the scriptures so they can avoid future problems. 

Several questions arise when it comes to Marriage.

  • How do I know if someone is the right one? 
  • What can I do to improve or fix my marriage?
  • What do I do if my spouse left?
  • How do I start over from a failed marriage?


Building Blocks of a Healthy Marriage

There are 5 things that make up an excellent marriage. 






Couples in a healthy marriage work on all 5 areas.   


Trust is absolutely necessary for a marriage to last.  We discuss it in great detail below and we feel that everyone considering getting married should take the time to study at the very least, our discussion on Proverbs 31:11.   Lack of trust opens the door for all kinds of attacks on a marriage.   Building a marriage on trust is how God designed your marriage.  Understanding and following God's perspective on trust will protect you from mountains of future emotion pain.  Please do not take this topic lightly. 

Love    Love is the most important element of a marriage.  Since lust is so predominate in our society, many confuse love and lust.  If you have mutual Proverbs 31:11 trust and genuine love, the other aspects of a marriage can easily be worked out.   Without proper trust and genuine love you probably should not continue in the relationship. 

A person can fall in love or a person can make a choice to truly love someone.  If a person falls in love, one has to be very careful to discern whether it is actually love, or an infatuation.  (Infatuation is people thinking they are in love but when indeed it is just a deep lust or like for another person.  Even if you fall in love, you should also make a conscience choice to love.  What is interesting is true love is not a conditional love.  It is far deeper than how you feel.  Its love is not dependent upon anything.  It just loves and keeps on loving. 


There has been volumes and volumes written on intimacy.  If you are wanting an in depth, mature understanding of intimacy from a clean Biblical view, we reccommend a book titled "Sheet Music" by  Dr. Kevin Leman.  The book was written for those mature enough to handle the topic and that want truth.  It is not for kids at the tee-hee stage.   Our modern society has worked overtime to destroy God's prospective of intimacy and marriage.  The destructive consequences can be prevented if we learn God's plan early enough to avoid making some of life's most stupid mistakes.  The reason we make those stupid mistakes is we believe and follow the dictates our old fleshly nature and the truth and righteness God intended us to live by, gets pushed aside.  

In a good marriage, their intimacy emotionally feeds both husband and wife.  This strengthing is necessary as each of them need this strength in dealing with the world.    


A marriage without communication is like a machine with no lubrication.  Things don't flow as they should and failure, including drastic failure, is not far away. 


Life is hard going it alone.  God made companionship to make life's journey interesting, safer, and to make us more emotionally stable. 


Broken Marriages

A few years ago 7 married men from the church I was attending started a men's group / Bible study.  The first evening each man was to tell who they were and what was currently happening in their lives.  5 of the seven had major marriage problems.  Some time later I learned that the sixth man had a marriage for years with curt communication and no real intimacy.  One of the 5 was even praying that his wife would get in a car wreck and never come home again.  He was not a violent person, but there was so much emotional pain in his marriage that he wanted God to do away with her.  While this a a small sampling of only seven men, it shows that there are severe widespread problems in marriages, even among the church.  Yet God designed the marriage between a man and a woman, to be beautiful, exciting and emotionally strengthening of the family unit.  Strong marriages are the backbone of a society.   A marriage should have an ever growing love and a commitment that endures even the worst events of life and comes out stronger on the other side.

So why do we see 6 of these 7 married men, have such severe marriage problems?

What can be done to fix these marriages and the millions of others that are also in trouble?

Marriage Expectations

Prior to marriage, many think that getting married will solve their problems.  The want to be loved, they want companionship, and they want their physical needs met.

In all reality many get married expecting their spouse to be their savior. 

No, they would not use the word savior, but in reality that is very often what they are searching for.  A savior.  Usually within one to three weeks of the marriage ceremony, reality sets in and a person realizes that they married another human with weaknesses and fears, just like themselves.  For some it takes a little longer.  While marriage is a blessing, it does not replace our need for God.  God design marriage so we could have a committed friend, lover ,and companion with us as we go through life.   God designed "true love" to be the glue to hold a marriage together.  Many do not even know what true love is.  Marriage is designed to provide an emotional fulfillment and stability to one's natural life.  In addition a Godly marriage is a visual picture of the relationship between God and mankind.  But many will say, pointing out the 6 0f the 7 men listed above, that Christianity does not guarantee a great marriage.  No, it does not.  Each person has been given a free will and are free to choose their own choices.  That free will can bring a blessing or a curse.  Just wanting a good marriage, won't make a good marriage happen.  It takes each person choosing to be mate the other wants in line with God's word.  If either one has a warped idea of what they want their mate to be, the relationship will be stressed.  Sometimes things a person finds cute or attractive when they meet, are the things they detest later on in the relationship.  This is why choosing to have a relationship based on how God instructs us, is the best choice.  The Bible tells us that people live in darkness.  They cannot see how to live when they follow anything other than God. 

There are two very important lessons to be learned here. 

First God has put in the Bible the instructions for the highest quality marriage obtainable.

Second, the example above shows the incredible lack of Biblical understanding and commitment that is common today, even in the better churches.  Marriage will work for people who follow the Biblical concepts concerning marriage, whether a believer or unbeliever.   The principles don't have to be understood to work, they just have to be lived out.   You can follow Biblical principles without even realizing that they are Biblical.  Many of God's marriage principles are self evident even to the unbeliever.  (Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a good example.  She had an incredible understanding of marriage and taught these principles on her radio and tv shows.) Obviously the more Biblical concepts a person embraces, the more likely their marriage will work well.  

Like many other human problems, we often try to fix our marriage by going to the Bible, usually after exhausting the abundance of worldly wisdom that is so readily available.  Some will even bypass most of the worldly wisdom and go straight to the Bible.  Just finding a couple of scriptures and applying them, while good, may not, short term, do much to help restore a marriage.  Sometimes they seem to help a little but don't really restore the marriage  and sometimes they even seem to make matters worse.  It may not be easy to not understand why. 

The reason it can fail is the heart probably has not changed.  Are we trying to fix the marriage or are we willing to take on a new life that when lived properly will support a healthy marriage?

If the Bible has the answers to marriage, why doesn't applying scriptures work?  It does, but the answer is here.

"No man puts a piece of new cloth to an old garment, for that which is put in to fill it up takes from the garment, and the rent is made worse."     [Matt 9:16]

"No man also sews a piece of new cloth on an old garment: else the new piece that filled it up tears away from the old, and the tear is made worse.   And no man puts new wine into old wineskins: else the new wine does burst the wineskins, and the wine is spilled, and the wineskins will be ruined: but new wine must be put into new wineskins."  [Mark 2:18-22]

What the scripture is saying is: if you are living a natural life under the dictates of your soul as your king, and you apply scriptures to your problems, the situation can be made worse.  The scriptures are designed to work incredibly well when the person is knowledgeably living as a new creation in Christ.   If living a natural life, scriptures can tear the situation, because the natural life is not strong enough to take the pressure.

The problem is God wants a person's whole heart.  When we receive salvation in essence we give God all of us.  Our entire life.  When we apply a scripture here or there while we continue living naturally as we have from birth, do we really expect that it will work?  We are trying to live both as a natural person and as a spiritual person.  The problem also happens a lot for young believers who unknowingly are still living after their flesh.  Their expectations can get shattered when they apply spiritual truths to their problems, then expect a fleshly response. 


A few years ago I was talking with a 97 year old man.  His wife had passed away and he said that he really missed her.  He really liked his wife and missed her presence, but he said something that was an eye opener.  He said that he never truly loved her. 


The following scripture shows why such an approach fails.

Do we really know what kind of life we are living?   To many reading this, their weak or broken marriage is their biggest problem.  To God, marriage problems are a symptom of a larger problem.  One's nurturing their marriage as the Bible instructs.  Since it takes two to make a relationship, even if one changes, it may not be enough to bring the other back.  The fleshly can be and usually is a quite strong force to deal with.  While the kingdom of God is stronger, one has to realize that with a free will, some will resist God even to the grave.  This is why the Bible has so much detail in what constitutes righteousness, so we can make wise choices in our relationships.

Some things we do are self evident if we realize that our relationship to God is like a real marriage.  A man and woman giving all of themselves to the other.  In a marriage where one does not give themselves wholly to the other, it is almost inevitable that there will be marriage problems.  It is the same in our relationship to God.  If we say we gave our life to Him and yet we don't live that way then when we add a biblical patch to our fleshly life, isn't it self evident that it isn't the right solution?  No man also sews a piece of new cloth on an old garment: else the new piece that filled it up tears away from the old, and the tear is made worse.   And no man puts new wine into old wineskins: else the new wine does burst the wineskins, and the wine is spilled, and the wineskins will be ruined: but new wine must be put into new wineskins.
What this is talking about gives us a parallel of a deeper spiritual concept.  It is not logical to sew a new piece of cloth, a new patch, on an old garment.  The word "old" means old, weakened.  It is not just a figure of speech.  We may call a garment we have worn 4 or 5 times an old garment, but that would not qualify as old according to this scripture.  Here the word old means old, as in ancient, or of a weakened state.   In other words if we sew a new strong piece of cloth on an old ancient weakened garment, we would not expect it to hold up as the weak cloth would give way.

What is the deeper spiritual concept?

The old garment represents us living after our old life.  The new patch represents a Biblical truth that we would use to fix a problem we have.  Does this apply to  believers?  Absolutely!  For most believers, the majority of them are still living after the dictates of their fleshly nature just a they did before choosing to give their life to Christ.  Yes, they are saved.  They just have not come to an understanding on how to live as the new creation with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in the Kingdom of God.  While legally they are saved and the old natural life is not legally in control, the old natural life is still in control, due to their ignorance on how to live the new zoe life (zoe = Greek for a God centered life).  We don't consider putting a new strong patch on old weak cloth and in like manner we should not try to patch up our old natural life.  Instead we are to believe it dead, and believe that it is not I that lives in me, but Jesus Christ. 

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.  [Galatians 2:20]
This is the new God centered (zoe) life.  A new person with a new king, in a new kingdom.

Again Jesus concludes this spiritual concept by adding: And no man puts new wine into old wineskins: else the new wine does burst the wineskins, and the wine is spilled, and the wineskins will be ruined: but new wine must be put into new wineskins.

The answer is that the scriptures do work and they work far better that anything else.  The new life is not the same as a cleaned up version of the old life.  It is a real relationship with the one true God through Jesus Christ the living word of God, and through the Holy Spirit.  However for most marriages one or both people are clueless or uncaring on how God has designed life and marriage to work.  Christianity is really not a religion, it is a relationship between God and mankind.  Most believers understand that concept, but they do not understand how it works.  This ignorance often includes Bible believers that have been going to church for years.  Yet the Bible does have the answer to marriage and to life.  A Christian is a new creation, with old things (legally) passed away, with a new king Jesus Christ (the living words of God), and they now live in a brand new kingdom (the kingdom of God).

The new wine represents the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is not the same as our human spirit that provides our breath of life, our existence.   Jesus is the living words of God.  He provides the truth and detail of how things truly work.  The Holy Spirit provides the power by which the details of the word of God is carried out.  It does not matter whether the work is carried out directly by the Holy Spirit or assigned to angels.

The old wineskins are our old lives not the new (zoe) God centered life.  The stresses of living with the Holy Spirit doing the will of God is not made for the old life, but instead for the new life that is in Christ.  If we, as believers, revert back to living after the flesh and yet try to still include the Holy Spirit to guide and move in our life, the pressures of life will be extremely great and cause failure.  We often call this straddling the fence.  You don't walk with one leg on one side of the fence and one leg on the other side of the fence.   We are instructed to live as God intended - a new life, with a new king, and in a new kingdom.
The Holy Spirit is a real part of the relationship with God.  More on this in other lessons.

To sun things up, applying Godly bandages of truth to marriage problems, or any other problems, does not usually get the results God intended.  God's word is designed to work for those who have chosen live the new life and are actively pursuing it.  Also even if one in the marriage is doing the right thing, the spouse has a free will and they may not want to putting any effort into restoring the marriage.  With out God given free will, we cannot force another to do the right thing, however we can pray.  Don't underestimate the power of prayer.  When you pray Godly prayers, God moves.  Believe it.  Don't doubt just because you don't see the results you expect. Trust that God is working behind the scenes.

How Can I Restore My Marriage?
You don't have the guarantee that you can do something and your relationship will be restored.  However, you can do things to significantly improve yourself, and increase the possibility of restoring your marriage. 
God has given you and your spouse or ex-spouse both a free will.  It is in exercising your free will, that one or both of you have done things that were destructive to your marriage.  Most likely both of you are guilty.  It is so easy to put all the blame on the other person as they often have made the "destructive" decision.  Yet the question is "what led up to that destructive decision?".  If both spouses had been whole heartedly following Jesus, the marriage would not be need to be restored.  That does not mean that Christians always have a better marriage.  But because Christians have agreed to follow Christ, if they will actually fully follow Him without pulling back, then they should have the best possible marriage.

The most important thing in life is our relationship to God by faith in Jesus Christ.  That means choose to believe the Bible.  Many say they believe, then go on living how they want to live.  If one truly believes, then the decisions they make daily will be different because of they are formed by what they believe. 

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About Us

About Us

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How We Think

For we preach not ourselves,

but Christ Jesus the Lord;

and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake.

[2 Corinthians 4:5]


Christianity distilled down to its most basic elements, creates two eternal points.

1.)  There is only one true God, and  .  .  .
2.)  Of all so called gods, Jesus Christ is the only true Lord and the only true Savior.  


The God of Heaven 

The Bible says: "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;"   [1st Timothy 2:5]

There are not many Gods, there is just one God.  You think the world is in a mess as it is, it would be MUCH worse if there were many Gods! Can you imagine each god coming up with a different way to arrange the atoms to make gold or a person or anything else?  And, for them all to declare what truth is, would mean there would be no truth!  Yet we know there is truth.   

The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the only true lord and savior.   Before we come to the point of believing the Bible, Jesus was not our Lord & Savior.  Until we truly know who this Jesus is, then we are not qualified to determine if He actually is the son of God.

The Bible says that "To him (Jesus Christ) bear all the prophets witness, that through his name every one that believeth on him (Jesus Christ) shall receive remission of sins.   [Acts 10:43]"  

In other words this Jesus Christ is the answer to our sin problem.  If we keep living just like we have naturally in the past, we will not overcome our sins, our sins will overcome us, eventually ending in death.   

God desires for us to not be under the power of sin because when we sin it cause us to live a life far short of the life God designed for us.  If, after study, we come to the conclusion this Bible is true, and this Jesus Christ is the only true lord and savior, then we have a choice to make.  Keep living as we have or make this Jesus Christ "our personal" lord and savior.  If we want the pure, righteous, overcoming life God promises in the Bible, the only way to have this life is for us to decide to make this Jesus Christ our own "personal" Lord and Savior.   Since a life based on a belief in this Jesus Christ is completely different than our natural born perspective, our decision needs to be an all encompassing decision to learn and live life according to God's design.  Or we will just be living like we were before we heard about God subject to sin.  As we read the Bible, we come to realize that this Jesus Christ isn't just another religious man.  This Jesus Christ is different.  He is much more than even a prophet.  Even the best of men abilities cannot accomplish what this Jesus Christ has done.  This Jesus Christ is the scriptures (the Bible) made alive in the flesh so we could relate to God through a person.  Without this foundation it is hard to bridge  God, our lives will fall short of the life God intended for us and we just live an existence.


When studying the scriptures,

there comes a realization that God,

the God that created the universe,

personally knows and deeply loves me. 


God's desire is to change us from the inside out.  These Bible lessons will challenge people to choose to trust God and in turn we will be chanded starting on the inside.  We do not dodge the deeper issues.  The goal is to provide clarity to what the Bible says without adding or subtracting anything.  We try to open that depth up to the reader in a way that can be understood.  We work hard to edit out any non-Biblical assumptions any author would try to include.   The results are the lessons contain verifiable and trustworthy depth.   Some people initially reject the depth that's in the Bible.  Yet over time their resistance gives way as the truth and the common sense of God's word trumps their own natural man centered beliefs and doctrines.  This is the ongoing struggle that takes place in the transition from a natural man centered life to a God centered life.  Every good ministry sees people go through this process.  

If people use these lesson to open their understanding and make the God of the Bible, their God, then we have succeeded.
If people enjoy our lessons without making the God of the Bible, their God, then our work has failed.  God instructs us to trust Him, not man.  If we see God flowing through man, then it should strengthen our trust in God.  If we divert the trust to man, we have missed what God intends.  Obviously there will be some of that with babies in Christ.  Our work here is to educate people to believe on and trust in, the God of the Bible.  

Where does that leave the vessel that brought the illumination?   We highly respect those who have selflessly opened the scriptures to us.  We support them with prayer and our resources as directed by God.  A word of thanks also encourages them to continue what they do.   

These are in-depth Bible lessons.  What is meant by that is the words of the scriptures are studied for their God given meaning in relationship to each other and in context to the other scriptures in the Bible.  God used each word to explain precisely what He means from His perspective.  To those new to the Bible, the Bible may not seem to make sense, based on their assumptions and prior beliefs.   Once one starts to grasp God's perspective, we often realize how blind we were and how much more God wants to impart to us in order for us to have this new righteous new life and have it more abundantly.  

We try not to teach facts and figures or a list of do's and don'ts.  That is preaching.  We are a Bible lesson site and not a preaching site.   We believe God's intent is for the believer do just as the salvation prayer says.  That give our lives to God.  All of it.  We believe if a person is sincere and takes the time to study the scriptures enough, they will recognize the truth.  Our efforts are to help people to that point.  Some will come to where they realize that they have believed one thing and know, yes truly know something else.  We should give more weight to what we truly know, over what we think or believe.   This is how God calls us out of false beliefs.  We "may" have tons of justification for our previously held doctrines.  God himself will bear witness with His word so we pay attention to what we know. 

Soul and spirit are not the same, even though we may be unaware that these are completely different.   Beware of churches or religions that consider the soul and spirit as the same thing!   The Bible teaches otherwise.

In Christ we become a new creation, with a new life that is real, pure, righteous and overcoming.  This new life is only available through trusting this Jesus Christ as our God.
In giving man a free will, God desires each of us to choose whether we will live our lives "man centered" or "God centered".  If we do not make a choice to be "God Centered" then then we will continue living the same existence we were born with, which is "man centered".

These in-depth Bible lessons are designed to lead one into a deeper "God Centered" relationship and will help us overcome our non-Biblical views and man centered religious beliefs. 

God does not want us to remain as we were, for the natural life in end death.  He desires that we understand how much He loves us and that He has made a way for us to be a child of God. 

What the Bible actually says, may challenge you, even if you regularly attend church.  This concept of being challenged by the scriptures is not new.  The religious leaders of Jesus' day did not believe the scriptures.  They killed the Son of God.

Many people do not believe that God wants a personal relationship with them.  However, once a person has studied the Bible enough, in context and in proper perspective, then it becomes crystal clear, it can only be by a personal relationship with God, that one can have the real life that God desires to impart to us.

Our life with God is as a new creation.  We do not do things because of a list of do's and don'ts.   We do them because we have chosen to be a child of God and we want to do things God's way.  It is a choice made in love and supported by verifiable truth.  Its our love responding to the love God has shown towards us.  It is a commitment to God like a marriage.  Neither the bride nor the groom does the will of the other based on what they have do, but they honor each other out of love, doing so willingly and unselfishly.  In like manner we take on the will of God, putting it above our own.   It is a completely new life.

We want to live life as our creator intended.  Our previous natural life may seem normal to us but is not God's normal.  We desire what God considers normal.

To accomplish this we recognize that some things are needing to change.  God will expose areas of our life and expect us to seek out His will and deal with those areas, His way.  Then, line upon line, precept by precept, we learn how God wants us to live.  He is Emanuel, God with us, for all the events through out the rest of our lives.

Previously our style has been to handle events in life by what we want, what we think, what we feel or by our education and culture.  The question arises, how do we handle situations that are beyond our natural strengths or intellect?   What do we do when overcome by our fears, grief, our desires and lusts, or situations beyond our control?  What do we do when we are caught and made almost helpless in life's battles or even addictions or bondages?  All these and more come up for most people at some time in life.  And this is where a relationship with God sets Christians apart.  Through our new relationship with a loving, powerful, yet gentle and loving God, we are over-comers.  The need for a God may not be evident to the Biblically uneducated, until trouble comes in like a flood.   How much wiser are those that that seek and learn of God before the storms of life hit.  They may even have been able to avoid the flood or greatly reduced their damages.  This is much better than learning in the middle of the flood what to do.  Or worse yet, to learn after the flood has taken everything away.

God has programmed all mankind to know that there is a God.  We are responsible for what we know.   So during our time on this earth, we should find out who this God is that we already "know" exists.  Obviously its too late once we die, even though some religions deceive people on this point.

The Bible is written from God's perspective so that all mankind could understand things from how God looks at them.  In addition, God has already established a plan to bring all people to Himself.  No, not all will come to Him, but they could if they would. There is a horrible eternal consequence if we never choose the life God designed for us.   If we don't choose God, then all that is left is death with its punishment for rejecting real abundant life God offers to any that will come.  So anyone choosing to believe that God does not exist is practicing foolishness.  For those choosing God, in the end even when death overtakes us, we still win.  God lifts us up to Heaven.


"I (Jesus Christ) am come

that they (any of us that would receive Him)

might have "life", and

that they might have it more abundantly."   

[John 10:10b]

The entire Bible can be summed up in this verse.   Add to that 2nd Timothy 3:16 which states that the scriptures are the inspired word of God and you have our focus for this site.

Study the Bible, in context, without adding or subtracting anything and weed out personal and denominational doctrines.  Sounds like a real novel approach to life.   Those that try it, say it works, and so do we!


About us

We are not part of a denomination, although some authors are in various Bible based denominations.   We make every effort to edit out personal or denominational doctrines.  We are human, but we do think that we do a pretty good job.  We are not a cult, we do not have our own private interpretation of the Bible.   We are not espousing our own or any new doctrine.  As one's decision to trust God with their life, is the most important decision one makes in their entire lifetime, we want the most accurate translations that are readily available.   We use primarily the King James translation with the goal of being as literal as possible.  Other translations may not be as precise as they have been translated with the intent to be easy to read and some meaning is lost or missed.   If you use a different translation, that's fine, use it and follow along with us.  If you want to see examples of the differences in the different translations, click  Here.

Our efforts to not be under any denominational headship is that many Bible based ministries and churches need this type of resource.  We are a clean strictly Bible resource that can be trusted to not have a conflicting denomination's doctrine.   While our studies may differ from a church's existing position, the Bible itself will prevail and in due season we pray these lessons may cause confused doctrine to be replaced with clean Biblical doctrine.   What we publish is open for anyone to examine.  The scriptures and the discussion.   If you feel we have made an error, please categorize the error as to whether 1.) it violates either the scripture as the scripture is translated, or 2.) if it violates not the scripture but your own set of beliefs.  Of these two, only contact us for the first type, as we will not respond to the second.   Include enough detail for us to understand the issue.   Your input is welcomed and appreciated.

What We Believe :

We believe the Bible as God's infallible Word, inspired and supremely authoritative in all matters.     [2 Tim 3:16, John 20:31, Rev 22:18-19, 2 Peter 1:2-21]

We believe that God is One, living, eternal, almighty, personal and the only true God, known as God the Father, Jesus Christ the son, and the Holy Spirit.      [Gen 1:1-3, Titus 2:11-13, 1 John 5;7]

We believe that mankind is separated from God by what happened in the garden with Adam and Eve.   Every person born into the world inherits this fallen state, being alienated from God, and naturally inclined to evil.      [Gen 2 1-13, Rom 5:12, Eph 2:1-3]

We believe that Jesus Christ, was born of the virgin Mary and was fully God and fully man.  He is the Word of God come in the flesh.  He lived a perfectly righteous life though tempted as all other men, then offered Himself as a substitutionary sacrifice for the sin of mankind according to the predestined plan of God. He suffered, was crucified, died and was buried, but then was raised from the dead and appeared on earth before ascending to heaven. This resurrection demonstrates His complete authority over sin, life, death and the devil and that He is Lord over all things.      [2 Cor 5:21, Acts 2:23-24, 1 Cor 15:3,4, Heb 4:15 Eph 1:20,21, Matt 1.18-23, Acts 1:9-11]

We believe that every person who repents from their sins and turns to God by faith in Jesus Christ, is forgiven of their sin and is justified before God.  This salvation is by God's grace alone.      [Acts 3:19, Jon 3:16, Rom 5:9, Col 1:13, Matt 24:13, Eph 2:8-9]

We believe that every Christian "should" be baptized in water by total immersion, if possible, as a public declaration of His identification with Christ in his death, burial and resurrection.  Baptism by water is not a condition required for salvation or for going to Heaven.  The one thief on the cross beside Jesus, entered into paradise (Heaven) without baptism.   One should just do it out of obedience to God.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a huge point of division in the church.  It should not be.  We should just believe what the Bible says.  Like many issues, people fight over the doctrines they have been taught, or for their particular denominational positions.   Instead, what one should stand on, is what they know the Bible actually says.  In the Bible Lessons we open the scriptures on this topic, and let the scriptures speak for themselves, so one can see if their belief is, or is not, scripturally valid.     [Acts 2.38-41, Rom 6:3-4]

We believe that there is only one true Christian Church with Jesus Christ at its Head, which is made up of all those who have been born again by giving their life to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.   We grow as believers, by responsibly studying the Bible, which, in time, produces the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, & temperance) flowing from our lives.   It is the responsibility of each believer to be, if possible, to be joined to a local Bible believing church.      [Eph 4:1-16, Heb 10:25, Gal 5:22]

Who We Are:

The Senior Editor of this site is Alan Henderson.  He has studied the scriptures for over 35 years and is completely convinced the entire Bible taken in context, is true.  He was camping with a Pastor of a small church several years ago and after a couple of days realized the Pastor had very little Bible knowledge.  He made the comment that maybe the Pastor should go to Bible college.  The Pastor replied that he had graduated from 4 years of Bible college.  What a shock.  Also a shock was Alan's own experience in Bible college where the college taught heresies such as: that people are born good, the big bang theory, that parts of the Bible are a fable or myth, that the earth is an old earth, that lust is good in marriage, that the mind is the most noble part of man, etc, etc, ad nauseam.  That is not to say that all instructors in all Bible colleges are teaching junk, some teachers taught the Bible with great depth and understanding.   Bible colleges that desire to be "Accredited" have to include certain classes that teach the godless Greek styled thinking, of the man centered, mind sciences.  Most of these end in  . . .ogy or . . .phy.  They are man centered and look real good, until they are compared closely with the Bible.  They include some partial truths, however the end result is to supplant the truth of the Word of God. 

We are always looking for qualified writers that can write clean Bible lessons, without preaching, to our format.  Contact us if you think you can write clean Bible lessons.
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Thinking Suicide?

Thinking Suicide?


Suicide is not the answer!


You are actually in a VERY good place, you have realized your life needs to change. How you respond now, can determine whether you suffer pain for ever, or whether your life gets better.  

Humans are eternal beings.  Their soul does not quit existing when they die.  Your soul is basically "you" without your physical body.  Its eternal.   Yes, you think, you feel, you have your being after you die.

God's plan is for you to have a pure and real overcoming life.  God divides life into two basic types. 

1.)  Our natural life, which is just existing or

2.)  A God centered life

Step back for a moment, and put yourself in God's shoes. You designed and made these humans and you gave them a free will.  You knew that they would start their life using that free will, to do just as they felt, to live after the things they could think up and try to do anything they wanted. We humans, being such short sighted creatures, we wouldn't see the longer term consequences.  Many of our decisions actually work to destroy our life and other people living like us create a cumulative negative affect.  Then you being God had to show these short sighted creatures that living their way was not going to produce the quality of life most people inwardly desire.  God has to allow the consequences of our decisions to create pain so that we can see that our lives need to change.   Living like the world dictates just trashes us. When a person comes to that conclusion, then and only then would we humans be in a position to turn to God in a real way.  Then, and only then, you as God would have a teachable person to show them how to live a pure, righteous, and loving life. They would not want the stench of the world, but the real truth, love, and righteousness that can only be found living in God. 

God made and designed us to live a God centered life.  It is interesting that when we live a life centered on God, we are more than overcomers because we actually have God with us and supporting us.  The same God that spoke the universe into existence!

Down deep you know of a truth that you are not worthless no matter how bad things look.  Hold on to that truth, as in it you have hope.

You have believed a lie from Hell to come to where you are at.  Don't let Hell have you.  That is worse than your current pain.

People, by design, come to the place in life where they realize there has to be more, and there is. 


This is actually your appointed time to make a life changing decision

as now you are willing to do something about the direction of your life. 

Make your decision, a decision for a life in God,

not an unknown eternity, possibly in Hell.


Before you hit the back button, listen to me, please. God says you are precious and beautiful, no matter what you think it looks like!  Your life has value!

It is us going "our way", that causes the world to dump on us and for us to receive the consequences of failure. And dump on us it does!

God's plan for life is significantly different than our own.  His way and our way are contrary to each other.  The part of you that wants to live after the natural man, will fight God.  That part is not looking out for our best interest.  We give our whole heart to God to receive the beautiful life He has for us.

You may be thinking you have tried religion. I am not talking about a religion. I am talking about life, real life, pure life, as you were designed to live.

The God of the Bible has been waiting patiently all this time to where you would turn from what you thought constituted life, to what God says is life. YES, you are "at" the most important time of your life.

Absolute fact: you are beautiful and precious, not junk or trash!!!
Absolute fact: the past can change and you can redeem your life, into a FAR more pure, loving, overcoming, and righteous life than you have ever known. That kind of life is only found in God, not religion.

I am SO glad you agree you are not worthless !!!

In God you would need to learn how to live a completely new life. God calls you a brand new creation once you have given your life to him. You will start as a baby and have to learn to live life as God designed. The Bible, if believed will guide you.

If you are reading this, your heart is crying out for what is real, and it is only God that is real.

If this resonates with you, I would suggest two things to do, maybe three.

1.)  Consider giving your life to God. Not to me, not to a religion, not to a church.
2.)  I would suggest that you take some time to read the Bible. Start in the book of John, or Romans, or Galatians or even Proverbs, and let the truth of God confirm to you that He is real.
3.)  Use this Bible study website.  It goes into a lot of detail without adding or subtracting anything. It may seem too deep at first, but I believe you are bright, and it won't take too long to start grasping it.

It would be good to find a loving Bible based church and start attending. You do have to be careful, as the quality of churches has deteriorated over the last twenty years. Big name churches included. It is still good to seek out and attend a Bible based church.  Learn how to live this new life.

PLEASE do not throw yourself off a bridge. It is totally good that you have come to realize that the natural life is not the good life you seek.

You are beautiful and precious, but before this God did not have the reins to your heart.  Give them to Him.

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