How Big was Noah’s Ark?

Read Genesis 6:15

The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.

Length:            300 cubits

Width:              50 cubits

Height:             30 cubits

How long is a cubit?  Often assumed to be 18 inches or 1.5 feet, or the length of a man's forearm.  Many Bibles have a footnote saying that a cubit is approximately 18 inches long.  However James Strong, the author of Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, actually measured numerous buildings and sites in the Bible lands that had ancient archeological records of their size in cubits.  James Strong calculated the cubit to be 21.75 inches long.  James Strong states there is some variance in the actual examples, but when you average them out, the average length of a cubit is 21.75 inches. 

For those believers not familiar with the works of James Strong, they should consider getting one of his Exhaustive Concordances.  It lists every word in the Bible and everywhere it is used.  In addition it has English / Hebrew and English / Greek dictionaries in the back.  His works are considered clean by almost all respected Bible scholars and we agree 100%.  His work is a trusted treasure for anyone studying the Bible. 

So the measurements of the ark would be either:

                                                             Assumed length           Strong’s Length           

Length:           300 cubits                      450 feet                        544 feet

Width:             50 cubits                        75 feet                           90 feet

Height:            30 cubits                        45 feet                           54 feet


Size Comparison



An excellent exercise for a Bible or church group is to go to a large park and measure out how big Noah's ark was.  People can stand where each corner is and get an excellent visual of its actual size.

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